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Anil and the chipmonks !!

 ( See the page Anil and the chipmonks : )

 It was like following my dream that we were flying this month through the deserts
of hardwork..together ..and scattered ..Now we are half way to our destination .
Many have appreciated us .Kudos for them . Many have laughed at us . Kudos for them too ..

We agree we are just chipmunks . But it is the same chipmunk who got lines drawn on it’s body
from Lord Rama .It is usually difficult to assimilate when you hear from a college guy about his company ,shares and staffs
and all such big deals ..But it is true we too own a company ( ..

But this company owners where running here an there in this vaccation to do their miniprojects ..
Between, that was the mere reason for me having this post this much late …
There were ever so many happenings in my life in this interval. Anyway, Now I know the reason why do we need to blog regularly .
Otherwise we will loose what we call ‘the magical touch’ just like any other hobby .Now I have to write those things in the coming posts .

Between I wrote the page Anil and the chipmonks
And made our site working getting a new DNS for us


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