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A circuit maker

Our chipbake projecthas got a new companion a circuit maker .Unlike other languages python won’t shear time from us . Its a simple deal to create such an application in python / Tkinter .The GUI looks like shown below :


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A line follower ..

I happened to see some videos in youtube about MOBO 2007 contest conducted by organisation of robots for line following bots..

Amazing .. But what I noticed was very few of them followed a line correctly …But some where making it even for multilines and curves ..

Between I would like to announce here that some our classmates(sajitha and team) have successfully completed a line following robot . It is working for all angles above 90 degree and even curves ..I was thinking of my old friend’s words . “They(foreigners) have money and hard work but no brain power .. We(Indians) have only brain power . What to do ? Flee out from India” -David Sir . (He is a traveller and talker .. He might not be remembering me . He is now just a travel agency owner losing all his buses )

Whenever we start a robot we’ll be stuck at the body arrangement .The alignment of the wheels is an imporatant thing which we won’t notice . Last time when we made one the same problem made us look for a ready-made body .Anyway its awesome to have a slave for us .Better ,when it is a robot .

Between I can’t find any atmega 8 burning circuits in internet eventhough we can do it using the same configurationss as atmega 16 . For my own better access I am uploading one here ..

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