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Yeah !! Python wins again..

Here is another instance where python won .. We (me,sree,reshma n surya) were behind a project to make audio from musical notes ..Oh ! God ..what a coincidence – song chakde played next when I was writing this post ..It says ‘kuch kariye kuch kariye ..’ 🙂 ..

It was really amusing to see audio played when a picture with musical note was dragged to our python code (Eventhough it is not real time .. Actually Musical notes need to be played with time duration set for eaxh note .. Can some one help me in that ?..)

I am a person with no relation with musical notes and even music, except that I enjoy it .. I did the recognition part and made audio from it , the rest is left to sree ( Our sreeraj ..He is a guitarist ) . Now I know it is not possible to give life to music without knowing it ..

Anyway it took only 101 lines (for the main file) in python .. I will say it is doing almost same as the work of big OCR softwares ..See the accuracy of detecting the circles in the picture below ..(crosses are marked by the software)

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