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Finally panorama too ..

Yeah .. The panorama project mentioned before also got its way through … 🙂

Mikhil did the hardware part . Actually he himself has made my code working ..

Camera will now rotate using a stepper motor to take photos which is later joined to make panoramas .But the automated process will hold you heart ..

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Line follower …

Finally they got it ran … The ssssp team ..I am proud of my class mates .
They have made a line following robot which I have already mentioned in my blog earlier when they started off with the work ..

Now that they have their video uploaded here :

and blog in the name of supernova (feed in right pane) they surely need to be mentioned here ..
In whatever way we are stuck with any of simple micro-controller circuit doubts ,we used to refer their blog .Being inspiration for many of us working on micro-controllers and related circuits . Another team from our class is doing a USB to RS232 converter receiving inspiration from above works .

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The unexpected ..

Wherever we go, whatever we do , the unexpected always happens ..
Its the line of fate that controls all ..
Whenever I think me safe in my self ..
I see myself lost in the midst ..

mY friend Dhanya’s father passed away ..
Dhanya n team wer much happy today having the project ran well ..
Let this post make me not to believe ,
Not all happiness brings sadness ..

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This is really bad ..
My works make me think bad ..
When I want to do nothing ..

Our program site could have been much better if I were in a good mood ..But it happened to me to have this site finished this midnight .. juz juz juz because of my words ..

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Panorama factory in 59 lines

‘ Hail python the goddess of code ‘
Panorama of python’s victory of fast coding continues .. This time its a panorama factory, the art of making wide pictures, got done with python ..As usual necessity brought the idea . This was related to one of my classmate – fasil’s project idea .. Me being interested in python took it for a challenge as usual but stopped just with this code and shot my usual final statement : “hmm ! I think its better than more ..”  😉

What is panorama ?
Unnaturally wide pictures could be made by joining pictures end to end .. This is known as panorama pic ..
Definition royalty goes for me 😉

This is how a panorama looks ..
This is how a panorama looks like..

joining this pictures end to end requires care .. You have to find out the maximum matching position before you join pictures to ensure panoramic view ..Here I am attaching a 60 line code which converts pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg to a single finpic.jpg by normalising the match .. It is just a play with the code I know . But it could be useful ..

Last time when I posted about a project done in few lines python code , some of my friend asked me the code and I need to send it .. So this time I remind myself to start the habit of attaching code here ..

Panorama maker :
(python code to join pictures breadth wise)

File :
converts : pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg to finpic.jpg
(You can make it in a loop for doing a panorama using webcam )
Requirements :

  1. Python interpreter
  2. Python imaging library


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Its Long time , I blogged

Now I know I mustn’t have lost my habit of blogging ..This is  This time I am here at the fifth year from the young boy astonished hearing about the word ‘ blog ‘

I remember myself as a 11th grade student going to have a look at a near by cafe hearing everyone could have a page or blog in world wide web to describe her/him ..That day I was using internet for the first time in my life .. Being a typical thrissur guy ,what I know about this ‘www’ is a place where my so called ‘bad friends’ go for surfing nudity ..But what I saw there was different . I saw a box when you type in about anything under the sky ,you can read about it . It is then only I could understand that people were misusing it with so called entertainments like displaying porn or sex .

I haven’t used an operating system until then other than having seen my teachers using win98 and giving us a black screen to type BASIC .I used to do programs like displaying characters in a particular design . There I started my taste for computers . But I wasn’t having much opportunities then .Later on when I got opportunities I was mistook by the ‘bad’ name : ‘Internet cafe’ .. It was my friends who took me to a near by cafe later to show me the best of Internet .I went there to search for making an assignment on english poets . I did it within half an hour and I had the printed copy in my hand . I have never done such a thing before which made me admire the very thing I disregarded – the world wide web .Same day ,I have made a blog of mine too to give its link to all my classmates .. I was happy that I discovered a new thing  😉 Then I was gradually being a technical freak. Later started a new blog to scribble my discoveries while googling and to upload my small inventions/tips : good for nothing , I used to say  ..And finally this blog what you read ..

Since then till now my brain is thinking about the other brains over there in the world , about their creations .How intelligent is man … huh!! Why shouldn’t everyone start blogging – start sharing this keen special inheritance of mankind –

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