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Its Long time , I blogged

Now I know I mustn’t have lost my habit of blogging ..This is  This time I am here at the fifth year from the young boy astonished hearing about the word ‘ blog ‘

I remember myself as a 11th grade student going to have a look at a near by cafe hearing everyone could have a page or blog in world wide web to describe her/him ..That day I was using internet for the first time in my life .. Being a typical thrissur guy ,what I know about this ‘www’ is a place where my so called ‘bad friends’ go for surfing nudity ..But what I saw there was different . I saw a box when you type in about anything under the sky ,you can read about it . It is then only I could understand that people were misusing it with so called entertainments like displaying porn or sex .

I haven’t used an operating system until then other than having seen my teachers using win98 and giving us a black screen to type BASIC .I used to do programs like displaying characters in a particular design . There I started my taste for computers . But I wasn’t having much opportunities then .Later on when I got opportunities I was mistook by the ‘bad’ name : ‘Internet cafe’ .. It was my friends who took me to a near by cafe later to show me the best of Internet .I went there to search for making an assignment on english poets . I did it within half an hour and I had the printed copy in my hand . I have never done such a thing before which made me admire the very thing I disregarded – the world wide web .Same day ,I have made a blog of mine too to give its link to all my classmates .. I was happy that I discovered a new thing  😉 Then I was gradually being a technical freak. Later started a new blog to scribble my discoveries while googling and to upload my small inventions/tips : good for nothing , I used to say  ..And finally this blog what you read ..

Since then till now my brain is thinking about the other brains over there in the world , about their creations .How intelligent is man … huh!! Why shouldn’t everyone start blogging – start sharing this keen special inheritance of mankind –

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