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Hackerdom curtain raiser

An official announcement of the event hackerdom was held at seminar hall of Govt. engineering college ,thrissur yesterday (29th of August) .We (students of computer science dept. of GEC) were working as teams in unison to get it done over night . (Obviously me belong to its technical wing and unfortunately I am leading  the committee)

Everything went on as we expected . MLA Sri. Therambil Ramakrishnan was a real boost for the curtain raiser event .Adding to our astonishment IT advisor sri. Joseph Mathew was bearing in his mind a similar idea as our’s to preach .He was talking about hackers, hacking and about its relation with free software. He was asking us not to stop preaching the concept with event ,but to consider the event just as a start . He released our site; and mascot ,logo ,trailer video and theme music was released along with it . The point to be noted is not media coverage , but the support from him ,such a nice man . Sri. Joseph Mathew was not knowing any one of us personally except the fact that some of us met him at trivandrum to talk about the event .But he was talking friendly about the things around us and about importance of asking ‘why’ to anything and everything .  I have really recognized big concepts he had (while in discussion) to bring up Kerala’s IT as well as education field through the ideas wat he call ‘hacking’ . Let God allow him to continue his attempts with the next government too ..

(Pictures from the event will be uploaded to flickr soon.. Gallery will be seen in the right pane then)

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