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RMS on cloud computing

We went to FSFS at Trivandrum and there were sessions by RMS,Eben Moglen and Jimmy Wales . A detailed report on the three day event could be seen here.

We were lucky to shoot a question at RMS on cloud computing .

Richard Stallman, creator of the GNU computer operating system

Richard Stallman on cloud computing: “It’s stupidity. It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign.” Photograph:

Eventhough he used to call it a stupidity ,this time (I felt) he was a bit tolerant towards it saying ‘it is dangerous and it is dangerous like using a computer ,or any Email service ‘.
His thoughtful responses from his experiences.But said ,it ensures were interesting.He did not specifically talk about Gmail but said that it ensures atleast one person other than sender and receiver reading the mail .

Was a nice experience to spend three days in the Freedom Expo(@ Kanakakunnu kottaram) and in sessions at Mascot Hotel.

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Through the ‘window to freedom’


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