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How to spend money ..

(Written on mar14 .. )

Imagine you are given a small amount of money and asked to spend it .. How wud u do it ..
Obviously for an adolescent age the answer wud be ..enjoyy !!

But wat else .. ? Its finished ..

Yes , Money make people fight among themselves ..But that itself can decide whether he is in a friend circle or alone ..

Recently I had a similar experience .. I got a prize money of 5000 Rs cash from IES college chitilappilly,trichur for my miniproject presented there with the team(not usual team) me,srj,nav and ed ..Wat else ..I cant bring home a paise frm that ..We enjoyed it and Had my debts cleared (and now I am again in debt) ..
Reaching home I thought of hw to spend the money you get in such situations .. You have many choices out of which investing and donating will be the good ones ..( Enjoyment ofcourse even if you din agree with that it will happen its on ways ..)
You must be able to give away if you earn ..thass wat I take frm this ..
I think I must make some arrangements to make it for my bday ..

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