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Today is my birthday ::

Where should I go .. what shud i do .. Neways I wanna njoy ma bday ..
I dont have enough money to spend to get all my friends together .. 😉 My friends usually celeberate their birthdays with their girl friends .That too is not an option for me ..It will be a good idea to visit my relatives and have fun ..But many of ma cousins hav examz now .. I dont blame Ides of March (As I used to say its Anil born wen ceaser died 😉 ) even if it always make my cousins’ or my examz at my birthday ..

Ther was church and prayer group for ma support .We went to viyyur juvanile home today .. God used to tell me from my inside when u want to enjoy yourself,think only good, do only good .
This must have made the good news ma luck trial .. lottery GATE score 96.6 .. That may not be a good percentile . But for me its more than the best since I haven’t read a word before my exam . its pure luck ..

Thus I had different birthday today which I celeberated among my family and among a group of children who thinks different.. whom I met at juvanile home ..
They are for no reason blamed among themselves.. People come and give them sessions to motivate them .But they are the ones who din even require any motivation .. Its only among grown up that they are ‘that’ kind of guyz and such stuff .. they din even know that they are put there for any fault of theirs ..And most of them include children with parents who have been put here for not being obedient .. Then there are some with no one to ask for..There are some mentally retarded .. All of them live like a family .. With their own naughty games and stuffs .. Many of them are attached to art ,paintings , mon-act ,mimicry and wat not .. If it was their own home they will rock there ..But still ..
They eat .. They play .. They live .. Thass their wonderfull world ..

They get help from a lot like us people visit there with a lot of things useful for them .. We brought em dresses to enjoy for their tour ,food and playstuffs for football n cricket which they most luv..There are people who brigns them help always.. Thank God !!

March 15, 2009 - Posted by | My thoughts |

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  1. Hey anil…Very good thought for celebrating b’day..So again wishing you a happy b’day ..:)..

    Comment by Suji | March 22, 2009 | Reply

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