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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Like September 11.. 2001,  here is an incident on September 09 2012… I am called a drunkard for the first time …. Unnikuttan(vigu) came from sweden yesterday .. He brought a champagne .. We all had it .. me , pradeep, ansar ( my roommates and his classmates) his younger brother vishnu and his friend asish .. It was not so awesome … just like the wine with alcohol … souuuuuuurrr taste .. .. i din like it … Why do people use this for all celeberationsss … just because of the foam it creates when shaked … too much … .juz to remove it effect, I had hot too ..

This is the first time I am ‘alcoholed’ in my life ….

Some ‘skane’ like brand from sweden… it was goood … I was waiting long for the so called ‘kick’ to come ..ll my mates were getting it.. but not me …  finally after 1 hour when driving avenger in the 10 o clock cool breeze .. I got that so called effect of the same… ok … good … i can think about having this when I am desperately desp… gooood… i am writing this after all these .. we had an awesome avenger ride(triples pradeep n ansar) after the same .. me n pradeep switching the drive without stopping bike .. that was awesome …. anyway .. I agree to those who drink this to forget everything … but I dont understand why many drink this for happiness and strength … Anyway people try diff.. options … its ok…  Gush nyt….. 

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