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Youpipe – YouTube downloader

Youpipe YouTube downloader

Download link:

Why I created this app?

I personally faced a lot of problems in downloading a video online from my mobile or tab.

Normally you face a lot problems to download

1. There is no single app which guaranties this.

2. Even if I need to use some site YouTube app does not give us the actual link

3. The redirected links do not work in video downloaders.

4. I tried more than 10 apps from Google play all of which fails to download a video properly

Here is what I did:

I created an app myself tailored for YouTube download. Which works in all the ways possible for YouTube download through app or browser through just a share.. It works for other sites also but it’s easy to download from sties other than YouTube..

How to use?

1. While browsing through YouTube videos in your YouTube app or your browser just click share and select the app ‘youpipe’

That’s it. It downloads to your downloads folder

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