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Youpipe – YouTube downloader

Youpipe YouTube downloader

Download link:

Why I created this app?

I personally faced a lot of problems in downloading a video online from my mobile or tab.

Normally you face a lot problems to download

1. There is no single app which guaranties this.

2. Even if I need to use some site YouTube app does not give us the actual link

3. The redirected links do not work in video downloaders.

4. I tried more than 10 apps from Google play all of which fails to download a video properly

Here is what I did:

I created an app myself tailored for YouTube download. Which works in all the ways possible for YouTube download through app or browser through just a share.. It works for other sites also but it’s easy to download from sties other than YouTube..

How to use?

1. While browsing through YouTube videos in your YouTube app or your browser just click share and select the app ‘youpipe’

That’s it. It downloads to your downloads folder

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Automating ..

I am that interested in automating human life to pay for my laziness that most of the human beings are prone to have.. 😉

The context is announcement of our s5 results (improvement) All of us are interested in knowing the whole set of result of our batch in one stretch since most of them will be interacting at that time since all aren’t having Internet access .. This made me think of downloading the whole result at a stretch .

Took python.. wrote few lines ..there it is … A single piece file archiver + batch dowloader for downloading results as a single file from .You are the hero with an 18 line code all results at your hand before your friends receive even theirs.

Here is the code : You can just download the code change it to suite your batch ,roll numbers and your url to get a single page output.html for your batch .Often everyone in your class may not support you for the deed since their unwanted exposure of results. ( In a sense there is no point in that privacy policy 😉 ,since your result is viewable for everyone who knows your roll number)

File :


Download your batch’s calicut universiy btech results in a file..Code is for s5 ..You find the path of download and edit..

oh my pythonnn ..!!

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Our robo in quintessence



The applause must have made the photographer (who gave it in mathrubhumi) think that we were first . I think that (applause) was for a genuine reason . It was only him (our bot) who was capable of finding and coming back to the track even after missing it.

Our robo at quitessence -robocontest at thrissur

Our robo at quitessence -robocontest at thrissur

Our robo in mathrubhumi-Feb 15

Our robo in mathrubhumi-Feb 15,2009

Our robo at Quitessence -a tech-expo at our neighbouring department- EC.

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