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After 3 years…

When I lked up( Oh my ” buttn is nt wrking. At a time ne key will nt wrk. There is sme small stne like thing running inside my lap’s keypad. h I will have t push harder noooooo I can use the right bottom side of the button). k looked up, I saw that old spider going inside the fan’s wire hole. Its very interesting to watch this fan rotating laying here on this historic bed.(This is the bed from were my leg bangle-Idontknowwhatisitcalled got stolen from when I am 4 years. This is the bed were all my project friends killed 100s of mosquitos together like warriors and slept like beggers. This is the bed were … fine this much is enough 😉 )

When he went in I noticed my open almirah, I thought of cleaning this yesterday – the same sentence I used to say 8 years before when I was in 10th.The old calendar was dancing inside it.Its not too old; only two and a half years. Thats when I left this beautiful room to choose ugly bangalore. The calendar showed all 15 elephants in a line – the trademark photo of thrissur pooram- and the year 2009. 2009 ? Oh then its not that spider. It should be somebody else who went in the hole – may be his son. Why my mind’s calendar is also stuck at this damn year. Why am I feeling like something ‘vijjrambing’ at the center of my body or is it a clot in the mind due to stagnant thoughts. Or is it the ugly bangalore made you like this?I have never gone into that stimulant.But Bangalore is not so ugly except the constructions and lack of water. Even then travelling or enjoyables can never please your mind. Like those freaky guys in facebook wandering and ‘enjoying’ with the unknowns….. what jiju sir told shouldn’t become right; I always shouldn’t require a motivator Or is it the itchy guyz at work like aniruddh? uhmm.. never, I have suffered bigger ones you know.Or is it created by juz 2.5 years of IT job?
No, It couldn’t be. It is your favourite field. Then is it the work pressure ? No, you have done more work than this when you were in college, fcurse for less/nil salary.Then what? It is just that your creative part died. Did I had a creative part. Ofcourse, see your _Projects folder or second year college photos. You remember those days.. when you had nothing else to think, but how to implement those ideas… Where to sell those codes…When it was just as simple as a nightout to do amritha’s video conference in 52 lines of code..Agreeing to do it or Posting (boasting) it in blog required more effort…
He came runnning saying you are the CEO, srj CTO and me your sales rep.( God, let him not read this he will start a new company again) Come fast, stand there and dont speak a word in malayalam, I will handle the rest. 😀 .. The ‘customer’ ‘babu’ came in the college gallery, we listened to all his big words: “yellow means you are ready to jump away, black means you are in a bad mood. See that lady – she is ready to jump away with you or someone else.” hmmmmm these kind o’guyz is everywhere. ” ok come to the point.. we’ll start with coffee vending, this instrument will give me information regarding how many coffee is taken out to a central computer . Ooooonly that info I want ok .. You can take 6 months time, we’ll start development after 6 months. within 1 year my business will be flourished; by that time I will buy this for a big amount” And then the brain stooorming sessions after that was pretty aaawesome (as sourish says) kolaveri(well this is another word which got into our voccabulary. Its too muchS)Anyway since I din see that guy after that, I din know whether his business ‘flourished’ or not. Ah may be unni knows.neways it was funny those days. Its true that I ‘had to’ miss those days..
Che, its that news which made me think all these. Why…. Minister Ganesh is announcing the new idea for movie theatre e-ticketing implementation in Kerala through a tv program. As though naveen was waiting for my message, he replied me ‘our next idea also will implemented by someone soon. Can we do something before that ?’ how will i reply him ‘no’. The positive thoughts are too far away from me nowadays. Today I couldn’t go to beach. The luckiest fellow (you know, I call myself for the list of reasons which God and luck always brings me ) waiting for one single positive thing to happen in my life ..

: h !! The ‘O’ still has sme prooblem

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Today is my birthday ::

Where should I go .. what shud i do .. Neways I wanna njoy ma bday ..
I dont have enough money to spend to get all my friends together .. 😉 My friends usually celeberate their birthdays with their girl friends .That too is not an option for me ..It will be a good idea to visit my relatives and have fun ..But many of ma cousins hav examz now .. I dont blame Ides of March (As I used to say its Anil born wen ceaser died 😉 ) even if it always make my cousins’ or my examz at my birthday ..

Ther was church and prayer group for ma support .We went to viyyur juvanile home today .. God used to tell me from my inside when u want to enjoy yourself,think only good, do only good .
This must have made the good news ma luck trial .. lottery GATE score 96.6 .. That may not be a good percentile . But for me its more than the best since I haven’t read a word before my exam . its pure luck ..

Thus I had different birthday today which I celeberated among my family and among a group of children who thinks different.. whom I met at juvanile home ..
They are for no reason blamed among themselves.. People come and give them sessions to motivate them .But they are the ones who din even require any motivation .. Its only among grown up that they are ‘that’ kind of guyz and such stuff .. they din even know that they are put there for any fault of theirs ..And most of them include children with parents who have been put here for not being obedient .. Then there are some with no one to ask for..There are some mentally retarded .. All of them live like a family .. With their own naughty games and stuffs .. Many of them are attached to art ,paintings , mon-act ,mimicry and wat not .. If it was their own home they will rock there ..But still ..
They eat .. They play .. They live .. Thass their wonderfull world ..

They get help from a lot like us people visit there with a lot of things useful for them .. We brought em dresses to enjoy for their tour ,food and playstuffs for football n cricket which they most luv..There are people who brigns them help always.. Thank God !!

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How to spend money ..

(Written on mar14 .. )

Imagine you are given a small amount of money and asked to spend it .. How wud u do it ..
Obviously for an adolescent age the answer wud be ..enjoyy !!

But wat else .. ? Its finished ..

Yes , Money make people fight among themselves ..But that itself can decide whether he is in a friend circle or alone ..

Recently I had a similar experience .. I got a prize money of 5000 Rs cash from IES college chitilappilly,trichur for my miniproject presented there with the team(not usual team) me,srj,nav and ed ..Wat else ..I cant bring home a paise frm that ..We enjoyed it and Had my debts cleared (and now I am again in debt) ..
Reaching home I thought of hw to spend the money you get in such situations .. You have many choices out of which investing and donating will be the good ones ..( Enjoyment ofcourse even if you din agree with that it will happen its on ways ..)
You must be able to give away if you earn ..thass wat I take frm this ..
I think I must make some arrangements to make it for my bday ..

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God answers in a strange way ..

Like any typical christian family , ours too have the habit of a group prayer in the evenings . It was August 13 (two days before) . I was praying for edwin to let him back soon .. But I din expect a call after the prayer saying that he has been taken to surgery . I was a bit shocked since until then doctors were waiting for natural heal to avoid risky surgery .But this time he had a severe ache in head and it made a pressure variation which led to a lowering of pulse . They immediately took to operation theater . I was a bit shocked . I started off from here to trivandrum in the very next train . I was not relaxed until I saw him waving hands at us (me, pradeep and ck) next day after surgery when he woke up.. His condition is better they said .

Now I know God answers in a strange way .. My prayer was to let him back fast . If it was going a as usual it cud have took more than a month for him to be back . But now they are more hopeful ..

Thank God ..

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Google Ad in my blog ?

I searched for my name in google blog search .Obviously the blog post below came first . But what I saw was this:

So wordpress allows google ads ..right ..  This is a new news for me ..

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Finally I yielded ..

This is an instance were professionalism wins over me ..You could see my last post about my own creation of pages for the site .. But drupal could offer much more a professional site for me ..  I din yield first . I was trying to touch up mine to get a drupal look .. I got it done .. It was having a drupal look .. But further ,I yielded to drupal . Not because of its design . But because of it’s manageability ..

Sir told me to do drupal for our site , since they’ll require me always to alter my designs . If it is drupal they’ll get tutorials from the web . When I thought, it was right .. The work must go on even something happened for me .. So I yielded . Now we have our drupal site much much professional having a beutiful mirrored image of ‘hackerdom’ by kedharnath – our classmate . With Unni’s ideas it gained its thro ..

Thanks to drupal ..for getting our work simplified ..

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The unexpected ..

Wherever we go, whatever we do , the unexpected always happens ..
Its the line of fate that controls all ..
Whenever I think me safe in my self ..
I see myself lost in the midst ..

mY friend Dhanya’s father passed away ..
Dhanya n team wer much happy today having the project ran well ..
Let this post make me not to believe ,
Not all happiness brings sadness ..

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Its Long time , I blogged

Now I know I mustn’t have lost my habit of blogging ..This is  This time I am here at the fifth year from the young boy astonished hearing about the word ‘ blog ‘

I remember myself as a 11th grade student going to have a look at a near by cafe hearing everyone could have a page or blog in world wide web to describe her/him ..That day I was using internet for the first time in my life .. Being a typical thrissur guy ,what I know about this ‘www’ is a place where my so called ‘bad friends’ go for surfing nudity ..But what I saw there was different . I saw a box when you type in about anything under the sky ,you can read about it . It is then only I could understand that people were misusing it with so called entertainments like displaying porn or sex .

I haven’t used an operating system until then other than having seen my teachers using win98 and giving us a black screen to type BASIC .I used to do programs like displaying characters in a particular design . There I started my taste for computers . But I wasn’t having much opportunities then .Later on when I got opportunities I was mistook by the ‘bad’ name : ‘Internet cafe’ .. It was my friends who took me to a near by cafe later to show me the best of Internet .I went there to search for making an assignment on english poets . I did it within half an hour and I had the printed copy in my hand . I have never done such a thing before which made me admire the very thing I disregarded – the world wide web .Same day ,I have made a blog of mine too to give its link to all my classmates .. I was happy that I discovered a new thing  😉 Then I was gradually being a technical freak. Later started a new blog to scribble my discoveries while googling and to upload my small inventions/tips : good for nothing , I used to say  ..And finally this blog what you read ..

Since then till now my brain is thinking about the other brains over there in the world , about their creations .How intelligent is man … huh!! Why shouldn’t everyone start blogging – start sharing this keen special inheritance of mankind –

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Re – union

We have got a re – union today . The guyz of cs 2003 batch in St Thomas .

Saw our teachers .. They din change ..
Saw our John Sir .. He din change ..
Saw our classes .. It din change ..
So we too din change ..we got back to the old days when we wer together ..

Really a relief for me in continuous works in vaccation ..Here are some of the photos . We did not even want to leave each other after the whole day .

(Scroll down to see the gallery on right pane)

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This is the time when I doubt myself whether am a machine ..Today was a really thick-packed day for me ..Got my blog works,site works and much more in the morning .. Got naveen from noon to do a USB interfacing ..Later got sharath to do a billing system ..(Thank God ! It is the first job completely finished today )..Then I got noufy ,did a quiz database for him (the second one) .. Now I am doing the hardware for USB interfacing .. Usually May ends are the most thick schedules for me ..But this may lacks a tour and that too due to my projects ..Oh ! GOD .. Am I a machine ..?
Let my frustrations be in my blog only ..
Anyway I am gonna start a page for my frustrations to be expressed so that I could feel relaxed to obtain it later for reference .. Let the link be in my Chipmonks blog with the name TechLife..

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