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Hackerdom relaunching..

Hackerdom postponed to january ..

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Hackerdom curtain raiser

An official announcement of the event hackerdom was held at seminar hall of Govt. engineering college ,thrissur yesterday (29th of August) .We (students of computer science dept. of GEC) were working as teams in unison to get it done over night . (Obviously me belong to its technical wing and unfortunately I am leading  the committee)

Everything went on as we expected . MLA Sri. Therambil Ramakrishnan was a real boost for the curtain raiser event .Adding to our astonishment IT advisor sri. Joseph Mathew was bearing in his mind a similar idea as our’s to preach .He was talking about hackers, hacking and about its relation with free software. He was asking us not to stop preaching the concept with event ,but to consider the event just as a start . He released our site; and mascot ,logo ,trailer video and theme music was released along with it . The point to be noted is not media coverage , but the support from him ,such a nice man . Sri. Joseph Mathew was not knowing any one of us personally except the fact that some of us met him at trivandrum to talk about the event .But he was talking friendly about the things around us and about importance of asking ‘why’ to anything and everything .¬† I have really recognized big concepts he had (while in discussion) to bring up Kerala’s IT as well as education field through the ideas wat he call ‘hacking’ . Let God allow him to continue his attempts with the next government too ..

(Pictures from the event will be uploaded to flickr soon.. Gallery will be seen in the right pane then)

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One of us fell down ..

Pray for edwin , our bhai , he is now hospitalized for a serious head injury .. I can’t forget the days with him , he being semi-conscious .. Whatever we ask he answers but before completion he falls unconscious .. We can’t imagine our strongest friend eddy in this situation but its true ..

From the last post you know, we ( me, unni and edwin ) were enjoying our works on site . But now we are sorry for the job ,since we were loading us with work over night .. Edwin’s health ,him being a ‘regular being’ ,was not able to cop-up with the work , I think.
We went to trivandrum last friday night (8th August) to attend a meet there on ‘KDE launching in malayalam‘ .We were supposed to earn a lot of contacts which will help us for the event . It was when we alighted there at trivandrum that the whole thing happened.We were talking together standing in a round . Bhai said that he needs sleep ‘lets move’. Then we thought of sleeping at the station itself .Meanwhile bhai leaned on me while talking . Later when he stood up he was not able to say anything before he fell down unconscious . He fell down at railway station platform without himself trying to hold anything . We were actually stuck-at thinking what to do .. somehow managed to get him to the hospital .. We can’t forget the happenings at casuality , the pain he went through .. But its too mind-breaking to write it here ..

We really feel sorry for him since we were somehow a reason for him to loose his sleep for the previous two days .We ( me,unni n eddy ) didn’t think of our health, despite of my mother’s words , since we were enjoying our work …But now I feel bad for the job that no one except our classmates ,cares this work when they talk about the event or site ..The great man behind is still in bed without even knowing about blames (not that serious but still some of our juniors have complaints about the site ) about his work . This post will show our strong feelings against those who blamed the work on site .I don’t think there is something to be blamed in neither support their blames since I doubt their intention .Now I am thinking of the message he sent to his father just before he fell down. ” This meeting is gonna be a turning point in my life “..
Before completing the post I have called his brother once more .He said that eddy himself told that he is having severe pain in head .He can’t even think for more than a minute .And I am afraid of Doctor’s words that it’ll take a month for him to be back to our ever strong ‘bhai’ ..

Oh! God .. plz let him recover fast ..

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Finally I yielded ..

This is an instance were professionalism wins over me ..You could see my last post about my own creation of pages for the site .. But drupal could offer much more a professional site for me ..¬† I din yield first . I was trying to touch up mine to get a drupal look .. I got it done .. It was having a drupal look .. But further ,I yielded to drupal . Not because of its design . But because of it’s manageability ..

Sir told me to do drupal for our site , since they’ll require me always to alter my designs . If it is drupal they’ll get tutorials from the web . When I thought, it was right .. The work must go on even something happened for me .. So I yielded . Now we have our drupal site much much professional having a beutiful mirrored image of ‘hackerdom’ by kedharnath – our classmate . With Unni’s ideas it gained its thro ..

Thanks to drupal ..for getting our work simplified ..

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This is really bad ..
My works make me think bad ..
When I want to do nothing ..

Our program site could have been much better if I were in a good mood ..But it happened to me to have this site finished this midnight .. juz juz juz because of my words ..

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