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LAMPify OR pythonify

“What is new for the IT solutions in Kerala is what is old for an Engineering student ..”
The words belong to me myself .
It is not a person or company which made me think so . But a general tendency I saw in my locality and with the people of various IT solutions I interact .

What we (as an ‘arbit’ element from Gov engg college ,Thrissur) think when we get an assignment is how to accomplish it in the most easiest way ..Perhaps in a thought to simplify ,I think , most of these people think of Visual BASIC or a few line code in python where there is a need for just a page in LAMP .

I can site you ever so many examples :

Just search in Google How to ‘merge HTML’ files .You can find a lot of unregistered versions for sail for this much dollars and so ..Whats the f’unda’ they mean through these softwares . I simply can’t understand since these softwares only does a go of few lines in python .
Between ,since my friends asked the code ,here it is :

import sys
if sys.argv.__len__()==1:
print “Usage python “,argv[0],” <file-name> <from> <to>”


for i in range(int(sys.argv[2]),int(sys.argv[3])):
for j in f.readlines():

Between , It will take a little bit more time to code the same in php .You too will have to agree .

There ever so many similar examples which are projects going on now at many institutions in my locality . I don’t want to site their names.

As far I am concerned what I want to select between is just whether to pythonify or to LAMPify.

If I want to do something related to databases I usually select LAMPifying ( I mean ‘to code in LAMP – Linux Apache MySQL PHP ‘ ) or if it is less related to forms and all , but surely a job to be done fast I select python . I know it will be your tool to do things fast if you are a programmer .

I will have to praise python more after getting in more touch to perl ..My experiments with won’t stop there.
Fascination of pythonifying everything made my friends come to me for any question regarding a tedious job ‘ like copying pasting a lot of things ‘ . Python beautifully simplifies everything .. Cudos python ..And Guido van Rossum

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