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After 3 years…

When I lked up( Oh my ” buttn is nt wrking. At a time ne key will nt wrk. There is sme small stne like thing running inside my lap’s keypad. h I will have t push harder noooooo I can use the right bottom side of the button). k looked up, I saw that old spider going inside the fan’s wire hole. Its very interesting to watch this fan rotating laying here on this historic bed.(This is the bed from were my leg bangle-Idontknowwhatisitcalled got stolen from when I am 4 years. This is the bed were all my project friends killed 100s of mosquitos together like warriors and slept like beggers. This is the bed were … fine this much is enough 😉 )

When he went in I noticed my open almirah, I thought of cleaning this yesterday – the same sentence I used to say 8 years before when I was in 10th.The old calendar was dancing inside it.Its not too old; only two and a half years. Thats when I left this beautiful room to choose ugly bangalore. The calendar showed all 15 elephants in a line – the trademark photo of thrissur pooram- and the year 2009. 2009 ? Oh then its not that spider. It should be somebody else who went in the hole – may be his son. Why my mind’s calendar is also stuck at this damn year. Why am I feeling like something ‘vijjrambing’ at the center of my body or is it a clot in the mind due to stagnant thoughts. Or is it the ugly bangalore made you like this?I have never gone into that stimulant.But Bangalore is not so ugly except the constructions and lack of water. Even then travelling or enjoyables can never please your mind. Like those freaky guys in facebook wandering and ‘enjoying’ with the unknowns….. what jiju sir told shouldn’t become right; I always shouldn’t require a motivator Or is it the itchy guyz at work like aniruddh? uhmm.. never, I have suffered bigger ones you know.Or is it created by juz 2.5 years of IT job?
No, It couldn’t be. It is your favourite field. Then is it the work pressure ? No, you have done more work than this when you were in college, fcurse for less/nil salary.Then what? It is just that your creative part died. Did I had a creative part. Ofcourse, see your _Projects folder or second year college photos. You remember those days.. when you had nothing else to think, but how to implement those ideas… Where to sell those codes…When it was just as simple as a nightout to do amritha’s video conference in 52 lines of code..Agreeing to do it or Posting (boasting) it in blog required more effort…
He came runnning saying you are the CEO, srj CTO and me your sales rep.( God, let him not read this he will start a new company again) Come fast, stand there and dont speak a word in malayalam, I will handle the rest. 😀 .. The ‘customer’ ‘babu’ came in the college gallery, we listened to all his big words: “yellow means you are ready to jump away, black means you are in a bad mood. See that lady – she is ready to jump away with you or someone else.” hmmmmm these kind o’guyz is everywhere. ” ok come to the point.. we’ll start with coffee vending, this instrument will give me information regarding how many coffee is taken out to a central computer . Ooooonly that info I want ok .. You can take 6 months time, we’ll start development after 6 months. within 1 year my business will be flourished; by that time I will buy this for a big amount” And then the brain stooorming sessions after that was pretty aaawesome (as sourish says) kolaveri(well this is another word which got into our voccabulary. Its too muchS)Anyway since I din see that guy after that, I din know whether his business ‘flourished’ or not. Ah may be unni knows.neways it was funny those days. Its true that I ‘had to’ miss those days..
Che, its that news which made me think all these. Why…. Minister Ganesh is announcing the new idea for movie theatre e-ticketing implementation in Kerala through a tv program. As though naveen was waiting for my message, he replied me ‘our next idea also will implemented by someone soon. Can we do something before that ?’ how will i reply him ‘no’. The positive thoughts are too far away from me nowadays. Today I couldn’t go to beach. The luckiest fellow (you know, I call myself for the list of reasons which God and luck always brings me ) waiting for one single positive thing to happen in my life ..

: h !! The ‘O’ still has sme prooblem

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