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Automating ..

I am that interested in automating human life to pay for my laziness that most of the human beings are prone to have.. 😉

The context is announcement of our s5 results (improvement) All of us are interested in knowing the whole set of result of our batch in one stretch since most of them will be interacting at that time since all aren’t having Internet access .. This made me think of downloading the whole result at a stretch .

Took python.. wrote few lines ..there it is … A single piece file archiver + batch dowloader for downloading results as a single file from .You are the hero with an 18 line code all results at your hand before your friends receive even theirs.

Here is the code : You can just download the code change it to suite your batch ,roll numbers and your url to get a single page output.html for your batch .Often everyone in your class may not support you for the deed since their unwanted exposure of results. ( In a sense there is no point in that privacy policy 😉 ,since your result is viewable for everyone who knows your roll number)

File :


Download your batch’s calicut universiy btech results in a file..Code is for s5 ..You find the path of download and edit..

oh my pythonnn ..!!

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Finally I did a ‘project’

I have been going on enchanting about too many projects ..
Panorama, PCSuite , image2Muzik , Circuit maker , Audio broadcasting , and what not .. I was rocking with projects ..

Finally I could be proud of having something called list of projects ,but what use .. You can have a satisfaction over your code if you can derive that to an applicable field . Finally I got that feel from my midnight oil ..

A ‘video conferencing’ in 50 lines .. Again credit goes to python ..

We made it .. I was alone for the coding part (still it worked)..

A server sends streaming audio and video through two different threads and sockets which is accepted by client code running at the other end of lan .That is the design .

I will upload this whole set of 7 projects we did to in short .
Minimum lines coding revolution by python ..howz the heading ..  😛
For instance this is my

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Panorama factory in 59 lines

‘ Hail python the goddess of code ‘
Panorama of python’s victory of fast coding continues .. This time its a panorama factory, the art of making wide pictures, got done with python ..As usual necessity brought the idea . This was related to one of my classmate – fasil’s project idea .. Me being interested in python took it for a challenge as usual but stopped just with this code and shot my usual final statement : “hmm ! I think its better than more ..”  😉

What is panorama ?
Unnaturally wide pictures could be made by joining pictures end to end .. This is known as panorama pic ..
Definition royalty goes for me 😉

This is how a panorama looks ..
This is how a panorama looks like..

joining this pictures end to end requires care .. You have to find out the maximum matching position before you join pictures to ensure panoramic view ..Here I am attaching a 60 line code which converts pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg to a single finpic.jpg by normalising the match .. It is just a play with the code I know . But it could be useful ..

Last time when I posted about a project done in few lines python code , some of my friend asked me the code and I need to send it .. So this time I remind myself to start the habit of attaching code here ..

Panorama maker :
(python code to join pictures breadth wise)

File :
converts : pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg to finpic.jpg
(You can make it in a loop for doing a panorama using webcam )
Requirements :

  1. Python interpreter
  2. Python imaging library


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Yeah !! Python wins again..

Here is another instance where python won .. We (me,sree,reshma n surya) were behind a project to make audio from musical notes ..Oh ! God ..what a coincidence – song chakde played next when I was writing this post ..It says ‘kuch kariye kuch kariye ..’ 🙂 ..

It was really amusing to see audio played when a picture with musical note was dragged to our python code (Eventhough it is not real time .. Actually Musical notes need to be played with time duration set for eaxh note .. Can some one help me in that ?..)

I am a person with no relation with musical notes and even music, except that I enjoy it .. I did the recognition part and made audio from it , the rest is left to sree ( Our sreeraj ..He is a guitarist ) . Now I know it is not possible to give life to music without knowing it ..

Anyway it took only 101 lines (for the main file) in python .. I will say it is doing almost same as the work of big OCR softwares ..See the accuracy of detecting the circles in the picture below ..(crosses are marked by the software)

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LAMPify OR pythonify

“What is new for the IT solutions in Kerala is what is old for an Engineering student ..”
The words belong to me myself .
It is not a person or company which made me think so . But a general tendency I saw in my locality and with the people of various IT solutions I interact .

What we (as an ‘arbit’ element from Gov engg college ,Thrissur) think when we get an assignment is how to accomplish it in the most easiest way ..Perhaps in a thought to simplify ,I think , most of these people think of Visual BASIC or a few line code in python where there is a need for just a page in LAMP .

I can site you ever so many examples :

Just search in Google How to ‘merge HTML’ files .You can find a lot of unregistered versions for sail for this much dollars and so ..Whats the f’unda’ they mean through these softwares . I simply can’t understand since these softwares only does a go of few lines in python .
Between ,since my friends asked the code ,here it is :

import sys
if sys.argv.__len__()==1:
print “Usage python “,argv[0],” <file-name> <from> <to>”


for i in range(int(sys.argv[2]),int(sys.argv[3])):
for j in f.readlines():

Between , It will take a little bit more time to code the same in php .You too will have to agree .

There ever so many similar examples which are projects going on now at many institutions in my locality . I don’t want to site their names.

As far I am concerned what I want to select between is just whether to pythonify or to LAMPify.

If I want to do something related to databases I usually select LAMPifying ( I mean ‘to code in LAMP – Linux Apache MySQL PHP ‘ ) or if it is less related to forms and all , but surely a job to be done fast I select python . I know it will be your tool to do things fast if you are a programmer .

I will have to praise python more after getting in more touch to perl ..My experiments with won’t stop there.
Fascination of pythonifying everything made my friends come to me for any question regarding a tedious job ‘ like copying pasting a lot of things ‘ . Python beautifully simplifies everything .. Cudos python ..And Guido van Rossum

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Porting Neko to kids’ mind

Neko is now reloaded, a devotion to python , from our Pramode sir..An easy path to python .An interactive learning of a powerful language.I gave this to my sister who haven’t even heard about python and gave her an initial startup .After half an hour she was asking me to give her problems to code in python… And I just want to say ‘Thats Neko !!’ ..

See the interactive console above …You can see Neko, the cat , obeying your commands… Commands like right() , left() , sleep() , wakeup() are his present jobs .You can teach him more .. Click here

I love python ; It is the most understandable easily hackable language I have ever seen . You will need it when you want to do something which we expect our computer to do for us , for example merge few HTML files , select all files with a pattern of name, calculate a sort of formula from a big set of data .All these you could do with your computer , but how ..Bitterly vague; proving that even for accomplishing house keeping jobs there is no such options in proprietary operating systems like windows . It is python which helps me to use windows. A Kid starting using a system may be ignorant about capabilities of his/her system since it is cruelly abstracted before him/her by these proprietary OSs ..It is here python proves its power. It is an easily acquainted language .
Here you can download a PyNeko (executable file) to start commanding your Neko .See him obeying you . Start teaching him new things . You will get acquainted with python .There is a python console with which you can do any python code ,you can leave Neko unminded if you go ahead typing python code which you have learned automatically .In fact he , The Neko ,have taught you the language python , after which you can download
and use python for windows .After you learn try to switch to free OSs (linux) where you can use python source code

Let that be for today
Thankyou for reading further
This is anf signing off

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